Students translate for migrants

It looks like paradise outside the Port Isabel Detention Center. Driving through Texas' southernmost...

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Town Hall addresses investments, RA wages

In place of their regular meeting time last Thursday, Student Senate hosted the first Town Hall event...

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MLK event addresses political climate

Knox held its 19th annual commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday, Jan. 20th honoring...

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A look into I-Week

      With a week filled with daily events, International...

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Student screenwriter talks about film

Veronica Langley, junior, has always been interested in storytelling. “I knew from a young age that...

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Zumba intersects dance and exercise

Not everyone associates a good workout with having fun. Going to the gym might not seem like an ideal...

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Conversation stopper

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Letter to the Editor: Caution in Withdraw

There is no doubt that the airstrike on General Solimani was a mistake that inflamed tensions between...

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Sustainability scoop: Looking back and moving forward

Welcome back to our Sustainability Scoop! I hope everyone had a splendid, sustainable holiday! Last...

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