Students march, speak for Black Lives Matter

Sophomore Francesca Downs worries every day that a police officer will stop her mother on the road...

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Students stand with Standing Rock

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One year in

Pinky Gibbons was in Omaha, Neb. visiting family this summer when she received an email that her desk...

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Terp presents: “Out of the Shadows”

In “Out of the Shadows,” Terpsichore has embraced the darkness they have created. The group’s...

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Faces of Knox: Natalie Schwab

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Students discuss challenges of collaboration

During the Prairie Fire Talent Show this fall, senior Parker Adams and sophomore Francesca Downs...

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Reconsider approach to dialogue and solidarity

You have every right to feel angry, terrified, demoralized and any other emotion you may be feeling....

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I am sorry, Knox

  On Wednesday, I participated in the anti-Trump rally on the Gizmo Patio and the subsequent...

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Working toward the next four years

  How can we fight back?                   How can we become the nation that...

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Being Blaze

For senior Sarah Lottman, becoming her college’s mascot has been a dream since she was in fifth grade — that and roller skating to class. Before her senior...

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