SASS and Panhellenic address sexual assault

“Just Be F***ing Nice,” a workshop about consent, was held by senior Libby Richmond, president...

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Food insecurity is systemic

Responding to a survey put out by the Student Life Committee (SLC) earlier this term, 45.3 percent...

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Theatre continues Brecht plays discussion

Last week, the Theatre Department brought in Stefan Brun, an experienced Chicago theatre director...

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Thoughts on love, candy and science from Nielson Elementary Science Night

Children had their hands covered in slime and their eyes filled with wonder at the Science Night...

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Cricket Club creates home away from home

    On a hot mid-summer day, teenage boys dressed in jeans and t-shirts rush out of their...

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MSAC discusses plans for Day of Dialogue

      The Multicultural Student Advisory Council (MSAC) has proposed a Day of Dialogue...

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Thoughts from the Embers: Food insecurity survey is only the first step

On Jan. 17, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Ben Farrer sent out a survey to Knox’s student...

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Bike Nice: Can we pedal our way to the graduation pledge?

Sometime in the next few months, I expect that seniors at Knox College will be asked, as they have been...

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Everyone must confront their inner-Trump

“Confront your inner Trump.” If you haven’t heard, Professor Kwame Zulu Shabazz said this at the Martin...

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Following the Olympic Games on campus

The Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics opened on Wednesday, Feb. 7 and is scheduled through Sunday, Feb. 25. The sports in the Winter Olympics include alpine skiing,...

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