Rising deficit forces Knox to adapt

Knox College is designed to run on the tuition and fees of 1,400 to 1,600 students. This fall, Knox...

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Diversity Dinner expands caf offerings

Co-President of the Asian Student Association Melody Eng, senior, has not always been satisfied by Dining...

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Sandburg house faces financial challenges

Since its first official opening in 1974, the Carl Sandburg Historic Site has been telling the story...

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Students bond over Dungeons and Dragons

It is a Sunday evening, and several Knox students are gathered around a dining room table. They have...

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Knox Professor performs poetry at Caxton Club

Caxton Club’s most recent guest was not really a guest at all. Gina Franco is a Professor of English...

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Whiting Hall: A lasting symbol of fighting for women’s education

Whiting Hall, one of the oldest buildings in Galesburg, holds a deep history...

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Editors of the Round Table: What we learned this term

Soleil Smith, Discourse Editor: I really thought I was done with journalism after my years in high school,...

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The Fire This Time: Dispelling the anti-labor smoke screen

As many of you may know, there’s a buzz abound over the wages made by our campus’ Resident Assistants....

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Pillowtalk: The Risks and Rewards of Truth Telling

Pillowtalk,   I want to tell my parents about my boyfriend over break, but they’re very staunchly...

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