Pay gap persists in Knox athletics

In the 2015-16 school year, Knox College paid the head coaches of the women’s teams on average...

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Body dysmorphia posters taken down

The political posters that senior Ruth Holmes placed around campus for her Printmaking and Social...

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Faculty Meeting Briefing: Faculty discusses censorship and diversity

At their November meeting, the faculty spent a large portion of time in confidential deliberations as a committee...

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Astronomy Department Discusses: SMC renovations, campus lights and extraterrestrial life

The Science and Mathematics Center (SMC) was on the priority list to be renovated in 2014. Once donations...

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KCC provides welcoming environment for new members

  Most of the new members of the Knox College Choir have had previous experience with music...

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Rocky Horror Picture Show celebrates uniqueness

  “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” was screened for the 42nd time at The Orpheum Theatre...

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Letter to the Editor: "On learning, student activism, and censorship"

This is a cry for help: I prefer tangible community and open dialogue with my fellow students to a static...

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Letter to the Editor: "To Emily Anderson and Roy Anderson"

I, as a white person, have more power than my friends of color to call out the racism which was shown...

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Letter to the Editor: White opinions of racism do not matter

White people do not get to decide what is racist.   Selina Aviles '17

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Soccer looks ahead to the NCAA tournament

The women’s soccer team saw success this weekend, beating Grinnell 1-0 in the semi-final of the Midwest Conference tournament. Knox went on to beat Monmouth...

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