Justice addresses family law

Illinois Supreme Court justice Thomas Kilbride came to Knox on Wednesday to speak about his work...

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Knox hosts eighth annual Bioneers

    This weekend, students and community members learned everything from how to help...

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Senate gives funds for composting

The Office of Sustainability has moved towards implementing a new composting system for food waste...

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Art department recalls printmaking accident

At first, students thought someone had left a fake bloodstained finger on one of the printmaking...

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Student uses art to cope with anxiety

Sophomore Phelix Sefic can still remember sitting in their desk in elementary school nervously as their...

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Freshman flirtations to senior week sweethearts: Knox couples who made it

Started dating during senior week Marnie Shure '11 and Kevin Morris '11 They would often pass each...

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Surviving Title IX resolutions, processes

Content Warning: Rape, assault, victim-blaming.   Before I begin: By sharing my experiences with...

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Better Than Your Horoscope: 'I honestly want closure. How do I get it?'

Welcome to another installment of “Better Than Your Horoscope,” where I answer your questions about...

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Comic: Museum of Dominant Art Culture

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Swimming prepares for Midwest Conference

With the words “Have fun, swim fast,” head swimming and diving coach and professor of physics Jonathan Powers keeps it simple. Before every meet, that’s...

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