Dining services rolls out changes

Dining Services announced that Dining and Flex Dollars will roll over from term to term, the Seymour...

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Enrollment drops, a statewide trend

Degree seeking enrollment has dropped to 1,229 students for the 2019-2020 school year. Knox’s current...

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Knox names Communications VP

In a campus email sent on Oct. 10, President Teresa Amott announced the selection of John Kawauchi as the school’s...

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Students and staff explain informal recruiting

For those not involved in Greek life, the crescendo of noise and activity ending in Call Night...

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Past and Present: The Knox Equestrian Club

  Among the variety of student clubs and organizations that...

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Artist follows passion for ceramics & sculpture

Jason Connell wears many different hats at Knox. After graduating from Knox in 2006, Connell was challenged...

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Living up to our Founding Fathers

Our task is to demystify the impeachment process. Impeachment procedures are clearly laid out in the Constitution....

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America has left a trail of blood

The United States, it seems, can’t help but create humanitarian crises wherever it goes: first Iraq,...

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Pillowtalk: "Can a monogamous person and a polyam person make it work?"

Hi Pillowtalk,   Do you think a polyamorous person and a monogamous person in a relationship can make...

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Volleyball sets attack for winning season

Knox Volleyball is two wins away from doubling last year’s overall win record. In 2018, their record was 6-21 overall, with a 1-8 record in conference and last...

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