Breaking News: Former Associate Dean of Students accused of sexual harassment

Former Associate Dean of Students Shawn Wilson was accused of sexually harassing a female employee who worked...

0 Comments / May 19, 2018

Bias case opened on Knox volleyball player

Three players on the volleyball team told TKS that the college has opened a bias case investigation into...

0 Comments / May 17, 2018

Faith groups moving to church

In an effort to bring together members of the spiritual life community, freshmen Anelisa Gamiz, Grace...

0 Comments / May 16, 2018


Students share their meaning of Mother’s Day

For seniors Michelle Yeboah and Angelina Khalimendik, Mother’s Day felt much different than it did for traditional...

0 Comments / May 16, 2018

Art History course leads to exhibit on seeing

    Senior Ruth Holmes spent a lot of time in the archives’ deep storage matting...

0 Comments / May 16, 2018

Choirs provide communal space for musical education

  Soulfege Senior Adam Davis remembers how joining Soulfege eased his adjustment to college....

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The Diagnosis: Gina Haspel's torture is an institutional issue

This previous week brought what is undoubtedly the most contentious Senate confirmation hearing of the Trump...

2 Comments / May 16, 2018

Thoughts from the Embers: How Knox can improve its approach to education

As a liberal arts school, Knox understands that dialogue is an important part of a full “human-powered...

0 Comments / May 16, 2018

How to recognize the toxic people in your life

A toxic person can be hard to spot when you are so consumed by the feeling you have when you are with...

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Isolation felt by women of color in athletics

As sophomore Shaprice Hunt stepped on the softball field at Monmouth College this season, an uneasy feeling overcame her body. She glanced around in shock to see no faces...

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