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  • Staying over winter break?

    Stuck in Galesburg over winter break? Whether you’re staying for a job, for research, for the interim period between finals and a mini-term abroad experience, or simply because home is too far away, there’s a lot to do both on and off campus during November and December:

    November 11, 2015 Carly Taylor, Staff Writer

  • Professor of English Robert McClure Smith gave a reading on his new book, “The Violence,” on Nov. 6 in the Alumni Room, Old Main. Professor Smith did not read from the book himself, but instead had faculty and students read for him. (Clara Conover/TKS)

    Smith plays with realism in new collection

    Inside the collection, readers will find a story focusing on a rat exterminator and another on meth-addicted teenagers. Though two totally different subjects, he maintained that they do ultimately fit together. “All of the stories culminate in some act of physical or emotional terror and violence,” Smith said.

    November 11, 2015 Connie Meade

  • “The Lost Girls” brings new life to old characters

    “When we’re on the stage and the audience is clapping, it’s a really communal feeling, like, ‘we did this’, which I think is beautiful and powerful,” Acton said.

    November 11, 2015 Connie Meade

  • Juniors Esai Ponce, Lara Brewner, sophomore Bridget McCarthy, senior Carly Taylor* and junior Elise Goitia line up during a rehearsal in the Auxilliary Gym for Taylor’s dance, “Exorcism.” *Carly Taylor is a staff writer for TKS. (Casey Mendoza/TKS)

    Terpsichore presents breadth of dance forms

    “There are some really fun pieces and some really serious pieces, and some sexy pieces and some funny pieces, so it’s everywhere,” said Terpsichore Vice President senior Hannah Steele. “There will be solos, duets, small groups, large groups. Everything.”

    November 11, 2015 Elizabeth Clay, Co-Mosaic Editor

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