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Want to be in the know? Whether you’re looking for a taste of Knox or all of the details, TKS has a subscription package for you.

TKS Taster

This introductory package brings you three of our issues, one from each term, and is a great sampler of Knox news, campus events and industrious reporting.

Subscription price: $15

TKS Scoop

This biweekly package is an easy way to keep an eye on the happenings at Knox. We’ll send you an issue every other week while school is in session.
For 2015-2016, you will receive 12 mailings throughout the year, with the first mailing being the Sept. 25 issue.
Subscription price: $30

TKS All Access

We know who you are, because we’re just like you: you want to stay in touch with everything that’s happening on campus, in the community and beyond. This premier package will give you each issue of TKS mailed to your door so you’ll never miss a beat.
As a special bonus, we will include a hand-signed thank you note from the editorial staff with your first issue to show our appreciation for your investment in our newspaper.
For 2015-2016, you will receive 24 mailings throughout the year, with the first mailing being the Sept. 27 issue.
Subscription Price: $50

What’s more, we’ll prorate any subscription begun during the academic year, so you’ll only be charged for issues printed after your start date.

TKS accepts checks and cash. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept credit cards at this time.

Subscribe here.