Warning: This post contains many parentheticals and the sharp Flunk Day insights of a senior

I’m terrified to say that it might actually be spring, as the Midwest will promptly decide that it’s time for us to get 5 inches of snow. Nevertheless, spring term is upon us, and with it, major cases of senioritis, panicked cries coming from the direction of the Honors offices, and plenty of Flunk Day shenanigans. (I started a meeting last week by declaring that Flunk Day was tomorrow. Another senior promptly chimed in and said that Flunk Day did not exist. The poor freshmen looked so confused! Highly successful meeting.)

I’m trying to do my part in trolling the Wiki Fire (senior privilege, man) and making my own predictions. (Contrary to what Tim Kasser says, Flunk Day cannot be April 26. One, it’s a Friday, and Flunk Day is hardly ever on a Friday. Two, it’s the day before the outdoor Earth Month festival, for which the campus is actually bringing an artist you may have heard of, so they won’t risk having everything torn up and destroyed.) But, if I’m being honest, you’re more likely at this point to hear my voice among the wails of despair from the Honors cohort than the yells of those perpetrating Flunk Day scares. (About which I know nothing. Of course.) A friend and I who are both doing Honors have taken to greeting each other with grunts of anguish. A completed draft of my thesis is due tomorrow, and I’m hitting a wall with one of my case studies, so I’m writing this relatively inane and not at all procrastination-aiding blog post to remind myself how to put sentences together that make some semblance of sense.

But! Although Flunk Day is probably at least a month away and that my Honors project is going to eat my brain, here are some things that are already great about spring term:

  • There’s orange chicken in the caf tonight. It’s not half bad.
  • Poets and Peasants is having a CD release show Friday at 8 in Kresge, for which I am beyond stoked.
  • Speaking of music, perhaps I should mention Lincoln Fest coming up on the 20th? (No confirmed lineup yet, but I’m convinced that if I poke Andrei, our graphic designer and Union Board’s PR chair, enough times, I can get some info out of him.) Or maybe the Hoot Hoots coming in early May? And Ben Sollee for Earth Month? And (shameless plug) the Knox Dems/Conservatives/Greens’ Battle of the Bands for FISH Food Pantry in mid-May, featuring Poets and Peasants, Give Back, Of the Fact, The Colours, A Few Good Men, and more? And WVKC will no doubt have something going on. Dear god, SHOWS.
  • Game of Thrones Season 3 premieres tonight. This bullet point filed under “More Things That Will Distract Me From Honors.”
  • I downloaded XKit for Tumblr today, and it has made my life bright and shiny and glorious.
  • Spring term means walks to Cornucopia, pizza on the bench outside of baked, and hours spent longingly gazing out the window of the Beanhive wishing you were outside instead of writing a paper.
  • Progress on the Honor Code review? One can only hope.