#KnoxObama speech: Who to follow, what to look for

(I realize this is my inaugural blog post as editor-in-chief. So there’s that.)

TKS is gearing up for Obama’s speech at Knox College today, and here’s how you can follow along with the coverage.

I, along with Digital Editor Chelsea Embree and Copy Editor Gabrielle Rajerison, are in town to cover the speech. We’ll all be pretty active on Twitter, so follow our main account @theknoxstudent, I’ll be at @Charlie_Gorney, and you can find Chelsea and Gabby at @chelseeandsay and @likeserendipity, respectively.

You can also like us on Facebook, where we will be posting our coverage throughout the day.

Feel free to tweet us your questions and observations about the speech.

The speech

Though the exact contents of the speech have not been publicized, we do know the general topic: The Economy. President Obama plans to lay out his economic ideas that will invariably influence his economic policy plans for the rest of his presidency.

And we know that the choice of Knox College as the venue was a strategic move, as he may hearken back to his 2005 commencement address — in which he laid out his economic ideas about how the economy grows best “from the middle-out, not the top down.”

The speech will be streaming at White House Live.

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