About Samantha Paul

Samantha Paul is a senior double majoring in creative writing and Spanish. She previously served as both a news reporter and a copy editor for TKS. During the summer of 2012, Sam served as press chair of a literacy brigade in El Salvador. She has also interned with both Bloom Magazine and The Galesburg Register-Mail. At Knox, Sam is an organizational editor for Catch magazine.

so you want to be an editor?

You wanna know what it’s like to be an editor? Well, the truth is you can’t handle the truth. We live life on the edge. I have less than 10 percent battery remaining and I’m writing a blog post, I’m crazy. No telling what I might do. Come into the pub office on any given night and you could find handfuls of people even crazier than that.

threat to journalism

Channel 12 news (the former employer of a friend of mine) in El Salvador recently received a wave of threats to its journalists. This is a big deal. It will effect not only journalism but also free speech in the country and the way journalists adhere to rules of ethics. You’ll also note this isn’t being covered by Western media (U.S./Europe). Column to follow next Wednesday.

pub nights

As I was signing up for classes last week, I needed to finish up some requirements for my creative writing major. My advisor asked my why I hadn’t taken workshops yet and I told him it was because they are generally offered on Wednesday evenings, which are pub nights. He got really quiet and at first I didn’t understand the judgmental look that flashed across his face. “Nooooo. No, no, no, no. Publication night. For TKS,” I added quickly realizing my mistake. Be careful where you abbreviate.


I am currently in the process of writing an article for TKS. I just spilled a sizeable (stupid squiggly red line is telling me this isn’t a word. But it is, it is. You don’t run my life squiggly red line.) amount of tea on my shirt. My desire to finish this article outweighs my desire not to wear tea. This is what it’s like to be an editor. Or maybe it’s what it’s like to be an editor during midterms. But alas, I am willing to blog about it? Explain my logic to me. I don’t get it either.