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Your 2012-2013 TKS staff:
Anna Meier, Editor-in-chief
Charlie Gorney, Managing Editor
Paige Anderson, Co-Mosaic Editor
Matt Barry, Co-News Editor
Hannah Basil, Business Manager
Julian Boireau, Co-News Editor
Camille Brown, Copy Editor
Sam Brownson, Copy Editor
Jessica Couvillier, Co-Photo Editor (fall 2012)
Gavin Crowell, Co-Sports Editor (winter/spring 2013)
Kyle Cruz, Copy Editor
Jason Deschamps, Assistant Photo Editor (winter/spring 2013)
Mary DiPrete, Copy Editor
Johnathan Ebbers, Web Editor
Chelsea Embree, Co-Mosaic Editor
Matt McKinney, Enterprise Editor
Casey Mendoza, Assistant Photo Editor (winter/spring 2013)
Michelle Orr, Co-Photo Editor
Andrei Papancea, Graphic Designer
Sam Paul, Discourse Editor
Gabrielle Rajerison, Copy Editor
Cody Sehl, Web Editor
Jackson White, Co-Sports Editor