Co-Editor-in-chief Casey Mendoza welcomes Class of 2019

This column was posted in the Freshman Issue of The Knox Student, published Sept. 5.

Hello new faces, and welcome to Knox.

You hold in your hands the first paper of the year, which we hope will help you learn more about the Knox community and also illustrate the collaborative efforts of our talented and dedicated newsroom.

For the next couple of days, you’ll be inundated with stacks of orientation materials to guide you through your first weeks at Knox. Throughout the year, you’ll receive even more information and news about the college through their official website and communications from the administration.

What makes The Knox Student different is its dedication to being student written, student run and student read.

Our newsroom prides itself on being independent from the administration, as press should be, but we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the curiosity, creativity and activism of our student body.

This issue of The Knox Student isn’t just another orientation guide or map to keep you from getting lost, it’s also your invitation to join our staff as writers, photographers, graphic designers, video producers, bloggers and editors.

This year, our staff is focused on producing a wider array of content for our weekly print publication and daily updated website. Take part in our tradition of printing hard-hitting, investigative news pieces, creative feature stories and thoughtful discourse or help us usher The Knox Student into the era of new media.

Beyond our weekly print issue, we also plan on producing online videos and short-form documentary films with the help of our experienced videographers, filmmakers and editors.

Help us cover protests, fires or the rising cost of tuition; review studio theatre plays or the newest Netflix Original Series; photograph football games from the sidelines. There are endless possibilities and opportunities for you no matter what you’re interested in.

No experience? No problem.

Our newsroom not only has the resources to produce great content, but to teach content creation as well. Keep you eye out for upcoming workshops and classes to help improve your writing and reporting skills, learn how to use a DSLR or advanced media tools from Adobe Photoshop to Premiere Pro. Our staff is trained and experienced to help you learn the basics of journalism and new media.

For more information, head to or follow @theknoxstudent on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. There you’ll find our stories, galleries, blogs, videos and updates.

Feel free to use those mediums to contact us with questions, ideas or concerns.

We look forward to working with and learning more about you, and most importantly, we can’t wait to see what you have to offer our community.


What’s a Megenity? (A note on names)

9924649685_38797605c6_oYou’ve probably noticed by now that my byline has changed in TKS. Well, there’s a simple explanation.

Here’s the note I ran in the Discourse section this week explaining the change:

Most of you probably know me as Charlie Gorney. Don’t worry, it’s still me.

No, the supposed editor-in-chief was not replaced by someone else named Charlie. And no, I did not wake up one morning and realize that I had been living my life with the wrong name.

When my wife (who you may know as Erin Besaw) and I got married over the summer, we decided to take on a new last name. While we have yet to go through the legal name change process, I decided to change my byline in TKS to avoid any mid-year confusion.

I hope everyone is getting a good start to the term. I know TKS certainly is.

For those of you who are wondering about the new name, it’s Erin’s grandmother’s maiden name.