Just for the record, this is off the record

This is now my third year with TKS. I started as a reporter, moved up to news editor last year, and this year I’ve stepped into the managing editor position. And each year, as people come to associate me with the newspaper, I’ve heard more often that dreaded cry from a friend or acquaintance – generally someone we can call a ‘public figure’ on campus.

It goes something like this.

‘Oh, I shouldn’t be saying this in front of you. Now it’s going to be in the TKS next week.’

Well, not quite.

Sure, the reporter in me always has what I like to call the ‘story antennas’ up at all times, and Anna and I ask that TKS staffers do the same. We prefer to base our coverage on what students are talking about or what they’d like to learn more about – not just on official proceedings or scheduled events. But don’t take that the wrong way.

The story antennas should not be mistaken for a 24/7 mental voice recorder, always prepped to grab a sound byte. Essentially, my personal and professional policy on the matter states that it’s off the record unless otherwise stated or assumed in an interview setting. While I may want to pursue a story based on some thoughts I’ve gleaned from a casual conversation, by no means was that conversation on the record.

So remember that I, along with other TKS staffers, may be journalists at heart, but we’re Knox students before we’re The Knox Student. Don’t stray away from casual discourse for fear of being quoted, because I’ll make myself damn clear if I’m looking for a quote.

P.S. I can hear Anna’s cry of joy as I post this. I used to be a blogophobe, but I have since come around. Thanks for reading the Editors’ Blog, everyone.