Campus / News / February 28, 2008

Mayer throws out pizza sauce, old ways

A cooler full of pizza sauce was thrown out yesterday when inspectors from the Illinois Department of Health found that the refrigerator where it was being stored was not set to the correct temperature.

“The health inspectors come three times a year to check the Gizmo and the cafeteria,” said Dining Services Director Helmut Mayer. “They found that some of the pizza sauce wasn’t cool enough, so we threw it out.”

After taking measures to eliminate the possibly spoiled food, no other problems were found. The health inspector will return today to verify that the necessary changes have taken place.

“Someone came down to the Gizmo and made us throw out some of our sauce,” said senior Tanya Ferguson.

“She said the refrigerator was three degrees above 40.”

Despite the frenzied kitchen activity from the Wednesday’s food fair, the presence of extra personnel did not interfere with the course of the inspection.

“Most colleges and universities have food fairs, and I’m really happy with the way ours went,” said Mayer. “Next year we hope to bring in more vegetarian options.”

Mayer envisions other changes for the cafeteria as well, such as wiring the room with speakers to play music from the Knox radio station WVKC.

“I’m not sure who to talk to yet, but if we could get a good way to bring sound to the room, it would be much better than the radios we have,” Mayer said.

He is also looking into reducing Styrofoam use and eliminating trans-fats from the menu.

“A little love goes a long way in the food business. We have a great staff, and they’ll do well if they’re challenged,” Mayer said.

Tanya Ferguson is Managing Editor of TKS.

Mark Muñoz

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