Sports / The Prairie Fire / April 7, 2008

Women’s softball faces early defeats

Women’s softball (1-8,0-0) finds themselves striking out in the early innings of a long season.

Senior Katie Dura is working hard at the plate to keep her team in games. So far, she has eight hits on the year in 23 appearances at the plate. She has swung for the fences on three occasions and pulled in five RBIs. This third-baseman is hoping to turn the season around.

Senior first-baseman Monyca Fisher and sophomore outfielder Cheyenne Cortez both have seven hits on the year. Cortez said that the team has got to be more consistent.

“Once we do that we will start seeing a positive change,” said Cortez.

Sophomore relief pitcher, Cory Bieber said, “We have to pull in runners when they are in scoring position in order to get the wins we need.”

Knox has a double header today in Iowa against Cornell College. Bieber said, “We played really close with them last year and may be able to pull out a victory.”

Saturday they will have another double-header against Rockford College. “We should be able to get a win against Rockford,” said Bieber.

These two teams will be a challenge for the Prairie Fire, but they will give it all they’ve got to try to earn a couple of wins this week.

LaVar Merrell

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