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APO resurrects book co-op

If there is one thing college students cannot escape, it is the high price of textbooks. Many Knox students try to buy their books online at the beginning of each term in an effort to save some money on these essentials of college life.

There is a buyback program in place for students who wish to make money from their used books, arranged through a company not affiliated with the Knox bookstore, but many people are reluctant to use this program because they feel they don’t make enough money back to make the trip worth it. Starting again this term, there will be a new alternative for students who want to sell their old textbooks, which may have a stronger appeal.

Alpha Phi Omega (APO) is the co-ed service fraternity on campus, and they are bringing back the APO Book Co-Op, which allows students to bring in their used books, and name their own price for selling them, instead of dictating how much can be earned by the original owner.

“The book co-op was started a few years back…but it had been going on in the organization for a while and it kind of died,” said sophomore Rozie Smith, treasurer and co-chair of the co-op.

The organization decided to revive the program this spring because it was popular and highly appreciated, said Smith.

The book co-op headquarters is a room lined with shelves of books. The room is located on the fourth floor of George Davis Hall (GDH), on the side closest to Old Main (not the side with the radio station). The co-op will be taking place at the beginning and end of each term.

“People can also utilize our webmail account, so if during the term they either want to come get their books when we don’t have business hours, or they want to see if we have a book that they need, they can do that,” said Smith. The e-mail address for the co-op is

Although few people have used the co-op so far this term, Smith and her other co-chair, junior Beth Salden, have big hopes for the event.

“Ideally, what would happen is that a lot of people would start utilizing it and the more people who utilize it, the easier it would be for other people to use. Because right now a lot of the books that we have are kind of outdated, so we need more people to bring in more books to sell so that people can buy them,” said Salden.

“We have a lot of really cool books from old FP classes and stuff that are probably more fun to read since you don’t have to do it, but it’s really easy so [people] should try it,” she said.

Amelia Garcia

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