Discourse / Editorials / April 10, 2008

Thoughts from the Embers: Barry Bearak, Badass

During fall term, three TKS editors took a journalism class from Sue Deans. She introduced us to a colleague and classmate of hers, Barry Bearak. He talked to us about his coverage of Afghanistan and the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami, and did not mention his Pulitzer Prize.

We didn’t really know how famous and cool Bearak was when we met him, but we did notice this: during the entire, three-hour class, Bearak sat chilled out in the Common Room of Old Main with a Styrofoam coffee cup balanced on his left knee. In three hours, Bearak’s leg did not jitter once. His coffee cup never moved except when he drank from it.

When we got wind of Bearak’s incarceration in Zimbabwe, our minds went to the coffee cup he kept on his knee. With nerves like that, none of us were particularly surprised that Bearak made it out. Barry Bearak is the kind of journalistic superhero all of us secretly want to grow up to be.

It has become a tradition to name the computers in the TKS office after famous journalists we admire. Some of them are Knox grads, like the one in the back by the window with the big monitor named McClure. This week, we named one Barry.

Let’s fix Aux Gym

We think it’s a real shame that Terpsichore is homeless now that the Aux. Gym’s fire code violations came to light. Very few student-led clubs have to face the problem of inspiring too much student involvement, and just as Terp is getting big, its shows are being dumped into Wednesdays. Is it not obvious that making the building ADA compliant really is worth $700,000? The Old Main roof cost a million, and no crowds have ever gathered to watch the copper on the Old Main roof.

We hope that renovation of the Aux. Gym jumps to the top of our capital projects list. Bang for buck, bringing this building back (more accessible, we should add) will be the most positive influence on the campus.

A future free store?

Knox recently acquired two buildings, one of which is the building that used to house Miss Piggee’s. This is a small space on Academy that is a little run-down looking and fairly far from the center of campus. This, we think, would be the perfect location to house the Free Store, and here’s why:

1. The Free Store is going to have to move when Wallace Lounge renovation starts.

2. The location would allow us to open the Free Store to the larger City of Galesburg, enhancing campus-town relations.

3. It would not need tight security … you can’t really rob a free store (though you can mess things up).

4. We could still use the space for club meetings if the Free Store keeps the center of the space clear.

5. With more use of the Free Store on a larger scale, this would be right in line with our new dedication to sustainability, encouraging the reuse of products.

TKS Staff

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