Campus / News / April 24, 2008

Task force to investigate the Knox Grievance Panel

A group will be formed to investigate possible changes to the Grievance Panel and meet at least once by the end of the term, said Dean of the College Larry Breitborde.

“It should have been done a long time ago,” said Breitborde, who took responsibility for the delay. He said President Roger Taylor charged him with forming the group two years ago, after many student and faculty groups called for the panel to be reformed.

He said he has been considering the use of a web site in order to keep interested people updated in the process of the panel, and to allow for conversation over the summer and input from interested students who have graduated.

“Just because they’ve graduated doesn’t mean they give up those strong feelings,” he said.

Breitborde said he would like to see representation from Students Against Sexism in Society (SASS) and sororities, as well as other concerned students and faculty. He also said he would send an e-mail to the campus looking for interested participants once the structure of the group is settled on. He said it would likely need to be a smaller group that is open to consulting with other concerned people.

The group will look into the mechanism of the panel processes.

“We may want to change the form of what we’re doing,” he said. He mentioned one of the SASS demands, which he preferred to call “suggestions”, requesting the addition of a staff member to deal with issues of sexual assault on campus as a possibility.

He said the college needs a process that the campus can be confident in, though this might be challenging.

“There is no institution that’s happy with its [grievance] process,” he said.

Tom Fucoloro

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