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Senate discusses club budgets

In a relatively short senate meeting last Thursday, the main issue discussed was the club budgets for the 2008-2009 school year. As presented by junior and treasurer Alex Argyelan, 49 clubs in total submitted budget requests for next year, with a grand total of $102,406 in budgeted club requests. This figure does not include numerous unbudgeted clubs, which can request additional funds up to $250 once per term, or funds for Union Board. Overall, this should leave somewhere between 75 to 90 thousand dollars for the senate discretionary fund.

During the discussion, it was pointed out KARES was not on the budget list by sophomore and senator Abby Pardick, asking if they had submitted a budget at all.

“I don’t know that they got one in before the draft,” Argyelan said.

In reviewing the files, it became apparent that KARES did not submit a budget before the deadline. Upon further discussion, Argyelan did say that a draft budget request was received from KARES, but a final budget request was not.

Other senators asked about funding levels for various Asian clubs, such as Korean or Chinese club. Argyelan explained that the creation of the Asian Student Alliance was meant to provide for all of those types of clubs, and funds appropriate for all of them were given to it.

“We approved the Asian Student Alliance… so if it’s going to be the umbrella program for the other Asian clubs, we have to treat it as such, and give it all the money for things like Asian Heritage Month,” Argyelan said.

In response to a senator’s question about penalties for clubs who turned in budgets late, the treasurer responded that without extenuating circumstances, those clubs would be unbudgeted for the year.

Andrew Polk

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