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Letters to the Editor: May 14 – May 21, 2008

Election results

After hearing the surprising election results, I decided to do some research on our new communications chair, and I discovered that he is a regular journalist for TKS and often writes articles on issues regarding Student Senate. I must say this struck me as odd considering he has never (as far as I know) attended a Student Senate meeting or debate this year. I find his articles particularly critical of Student Senate, and I question his motives for running. I understand that he may want to “change student senate for the better”, and I commend him for that, but from the tone of his articles, I think that he may have had a personal agenda when he decided to run for office.

The article and follow-up response that led me to this conclusion were the ones written about press coverage in Student Life Committee meetings. Tom Fucoloro published remarks to be off the record in TKS’s “Thoughts from the Embers” two weeks ago and now SLC has gone into executive session for the rest of the year. Curiously enough, the other non-student senator who regularly attended these meetings was Claypool’s opponent Angelo Kozonis. This may be a ridiculous claim, but it seems that the big reason Angelo Kozonis ran for office was to get back into these SLC meetings. Is that a good enough reason to run for student senate executive committee? I would just like to pose the question to all students: “Who are our representatives and who are they actually representing?”

– Lexie Frensley, ‘10

On shanty town

So I avoid asserting anything falsely, I shall pose this as an open question, Where did your shanty town acquire its materials from? If not from areas abroad where all the items of our consumption are produced by an inhumanly exploited workforce. But again, that’s just a guess, please tell me the truth.

I can imagine what a shanty building party would be like in the “undeveloped countries,” as well as others. It seems like it would be so much fun to salvage what you could and build some form of a shelter, if you don’t you are left to the elements. Whooopeee! If you’re hungry, thank god, TKE will be barbequing and providing drinks in red cups. What fun…

You and thus we, Knox College, mock poverty in a most intimate fashion. We would all do well, but especially those who find the spectacle of the shantytown appropriate to reenact, if we took a few steps off campus and saw the poverty on our doorstep. Of course ignorance may prevent knowing the truth, the poor love to build and personalize their shanties into dragons.

A third time, and I can’t emphasize this enough, these are not reasonable observations, I acknowledge, because you haven’t given me the authority to so observe. Poverty is rampant in the world, in America, in Illinois and even Galesburg.

All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God…The wages of sin is death.

– Alejandro Muzzio, ’08, Eric Ratzel, ‘’08

Greek Week exclusion

I have been an active member of Sigma Alpha Iota, a professional women’s music fraternity, for four years. Knox’s Psi chapter of ∑AI has been an active Greek organization on campus since 1923 – even surviving the Greek fall out in the 60’s. We may be a small group, but we’re passionate. We may not be social, but we are a real Greek organization and deserve respect as such.

Throughout my college tenure I have worn letters and pin dress weekly just as other Greeks do here on campus; however, I still feel that some members of the social Greek community do not consider me or my fraternity Greek. I concede that we are not a social organization. We are different; however, please remember us and include us.

During my first Greek Week (’04-’05) neither Alpha Phi Omega nor Sigma Alpha Iota was invited to any of the events. Since then both groups have expressed strong interest in being actively included and, to varying degrees, we have been. However, this year’s Greek Week t-shirts relegate us to the level of colonies by not giving us our Greek letters. ∑AI’s act in this year’s No-Talent Talent Show was to sing “Lean On Me,” a song of community. The crowd responded well and I felt that we had succeeded in bringing the Greek audience closer together.

I’ve overheard lots of discussion recently about the “Greek community,” but the discussion seems to have revolved solely around the social Greek organizations. If you do want to talk about the “Greek community,” I ask of you two things: Please be specific when you’re talking about the social Greek community, and please consider ∑AI, although non-social, Greek.

– Dana Becker, ‘08

Letters to the editor

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