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Letter to the Editor: On Student Senate

Those of you who know me will know how difficult it was for me not to respond to the many unfair criticisms and attacks leveled against me this year in this letter. I do not do so here, however, out of a belief that it would not serve the greater interests of the student body.

Throughout this long and contentious year, I was humbled and honored by the faith that so many students showed in me. Some, however, did not support me. That is to be expected, but I leave this office knowing that I served and represented the students of Knox College to the best of my ability.

The Student Senate accomplished a lot this year for the students of Knox College, but I am most proud of two accomplishments in particular. The first was the Sworn Officer compromise during the fall and the second was the creation of the Senate Sustainability Committee and the establishment of a green fee.

Finally, I hope that next year the student body can move beyond the personal vendettas and political power plays that marred this year. Those evils of our democratic system only serve the individuals who employ them and do a great disservice to the shared goal of bettering the lives of students and the college that we all call home.

Brad Middleton

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