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Letter to the Editor: On The Knox Student

Dear TKS,

I’m writing to commend you on a year well done. You excellently covered the many controversial issues that arose this year. My interest has significantly increased this term, and during the last month, I looked forward to every edition of TKS, whether it was to read coverage of Ashcroft, someone’s column, excellent performing arts coverage, or the flunk day issue.

Matt and team, the website looks great. Congratulations.

Also, I admire the way the staff handled themselves in the wake of Rohlfing’s column. It was a tough situation, and many people, including myself, did not go easy on the staff, but I think you recovered beautifully. I appreciate all your hard work this year, especially with limited writers, time, and resources as well as plentiful academic obligations.

I particularly thank you, Tom, for your work as editor. “From the Embers” was regularly relevant and important, and the general quality of the paper is on the rise.

Your column “Keep Resisting” was an excellent finale for your work in TKS. I literally applauded after reading it.

To all Knox students, let us heed Tom’s words and acknowledge and investigate each of our positions in the world. I urge everyone to consider how they affect the planet, particularly through their consumption. Where do your clothes come from? What is the effect of purchasing hundreds of textbooks? What about of flying around the world for study abroad programs?

There are better alternatives to many of the ways we operate now, and if there are not we must create them.

Thanks again, TKS. Look forward to reading you next year. Have a great summer.

Joey Firman, ’10

Editor’s note: Thoughts from the Embers represents the consensus opinion of the TKS staff, and is not necessarily written by the editor-in-chief.

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