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The Senate Perspective: New Senate elections are everybody’s responsibility

This week marks the 98th time in Knox’s history that the responsibility of electing new student leadership falls upon you. It also marks the 98th time in our institution’s history that the responsibility of running for student leadership falls upon you. And for the 98th year, the responsibility falls upon someone in my office to facilitate the Student Senate general elections and to better inform you about how to take part.

For those interested in running for a position as a Student Senator, applications are available outside the Student Senate office, located below the Hard Knox Café. They are due tonight (Thursday) at midnight.

Starting Friday night at midnight and running until Tuesday at midnight, you can cast your vote by going to Once there, the screen will ask for your email address ( and a password. The password portion of this process has given people trouble over the years, due to forgetfulness, machine error, or whatever, but the “Forget your password” option should alleviate most troubles of that nature.

From there, your choices for representatives will appear on the screen. The campus is split into 19 different voting districts, which are detailed after this column. Each district is allotted approximately one representative per every 25 students.

Read each of the candidates’ ballot statements carefully, check the appropriate number of boxes, and hit submit.

Last year we all had a lot of ‘discourse’ about Senate and other matters around campus. Well, Knox, now it is time to put some action where your discourse is. If you thought senate sucked last year, run now and make a change. If you thought senate went well last year, run now to keep things the same. If you were not here last year but have some good ideas, run. Just make sure your applications are in by midnight.

If you do not want to be on Senate but thought it sucked last year, vote. If you loved Senate last year, vote. If you have never even thought about Senate, go to and vote. It takes roughly six minutes and I promise that you will not feel cheated by the experience.

Student Senate Districts 2008-2009:

Arranged by President Elaine Wilson and Vice President Bryan Lund

District I- Seymour Hall

District II- Post (Suites 1-6)

Districts III-Raub/Sellew

Districts IV- Campbell/Elder

District V- Sherwin/Neifert

District VI- Displaced First-Years (First-Years living in Upperclass housing)

District VII- Conger/Neal

District VIII-Furrow/Elder/Neifert Upper-class

District IX- Four-Name (Simmonds, Drew, Longden, and Griffith)

District X- Post (Upperclass students)

District XI- Townhouses

District XII- Beta Theta Pi and Phi Gamma Delta Houses

District XIII- Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Chi, and Sigma Nu

District XIV-Williston Hall

District XV- All Small Houses

District XVI- Hamblin Apts.

District XVII- Tompkins Apts. and Executive Apts.

District XVIII- Resident Advisors

District XIX- Students Living Off-Campus

Bryan Lund

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