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Welcome to Discourse 101

Don’t know what discourse is? Interested in writing a letter or column or drawing cartoons for us? Don’t have anything better to do than read this?

Then welcome to Discourse 101.

So just what is Discourse, anyway?

Discourse is essentially Knox’s version of an opinion page—it includes letters to the editor, columns which discuss topics ranging from world politics to the politics of cafeteria food, a TKS staff column called Thoughts from the Embers, and a weekly quiz that takes place in the Gizmo at 10 o’clock Wednesday nights—called the “Gizmo Quizmo.”

But Discourse can be more than that!

For example, columns don’t have to be political. They can be humorous, satirical, or cover timely matters that aren’t political, from fashion to health. The only rule is that they should make some sort of argument or create discussion.

And you don’t need a column to make an argument; political cartoons, or cartoons in general are also welcome.

Who can write for Discourse?

Anyone (even professors and staff)! We are always looking for more writers, whether you want to write a weekly or bi-weekly column, just want to write once in a while, or just once. Don’t be shy—just give it a try!

How do I get published?

First, write a column around 700 words long (it can be shorter, or longer, but not too much longer!). Then, to get in Thursday’s paper, submit your column to me in an email ( by Tuesday night.

If you plan on writing a regular column, or have another idea (such as a cartoon) feel free to drop me an email about it.

What about letters?

Letters are generally shorter (250 words) and aren’t edited for content (but might be edited for length). They’re also “due” Tuesday night, if you want them to be in Thursday’s paper. Email them to us at

Christy Reuter

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