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Volleyball team gets new court

Knox volleyball has started its 2008 season off on the right foot, already recording a win early in the season to jump right into the title hunt. The team has several key additions to the squad, but two stand out in particular; Offensive specialist Katharina Schulte, an exchange student here from Universitat Flensburg, and Lisa Blagg, a freshman defensive specialist from Zion Benton High School.

“Really, my expectations are quite high,” said coach Kim Schrader. “We only graduated one senior last year, and we have the talent to be at least competitive for middle of the conference ranking. We can be competitive with most teams.” The team is looking practically all new from last year’s endurance test. After several girls dropped from the team, and others joined up, leaving only five players, junior Karen Frost, junior Corey Biber, senior Jaclyn Anderson, senior Shannon Liston, and junior Christina Davis are returning from last year’s team. Schrader is looking to her two seniors to give her a hand in creating what could be a great team.

“We’re better offensively, we’re better defensively, and I’m excited,” said Schrader. “It’s a different group, with five first year players.”

The team hosts second ranked Lawrence University and first-ranked St. Norbert College this weekend, and looks to extend its home winning streak to three. With a whole new team, and a whole new gym, it is a whole new year for Schrader and the volleyball team, and a chance to make some noise in the Midwest Conference.

TKS is extremely sorry about the unfortunate misspelling of Tim Heimann’s name and the resulting pun that appeared on the back page of the print version of TKS this week. It was not our intent to disrespect the team or Coach Heimann, and we have apologized to them personally.

Merritt Rohlfing

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