Campus / News / Student Senate / September 25, 2008

Senate election results, fall 2008

District 1: Seymour

Gordon Barratt

District 2: Post (1-6)

Monica Harasim

Krista Anne Nordgren

Annika Paulsen

District 3: Raub/Sellew

Katherine Miller

Ross Pencock Miller

Elizabeth Ann Cockrell

District 4: Elder/Campbell

New Election

District 5: Sherwin/Neifert

No representatives – election winter term 2009

District 6: Displaced First-years

No representatives – election winter term 2009

District 7: Conger/Neal

Alison Mariel Ehrhard

District 8: Furrow/Elder/Neifert (Upper-class)

No representatives – election winter term 2009

District 9: 4-Name (Griffith-Longden-Drew-Simmonds)

Ranya Venigalla

Sarah Lynn Juist

District 10: Post Hall (7-10 and basement)

Rachel Emily Cullen

Samuel Jennings Stacklin

District 11: Townhouses

Linnea Larson

Sarah Longhofer

District 12: Beta Theta Pi & Phi Gamma Delta

Daniel DiMeo

Jordan Kratter

District 13: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Chi, Sigma Nu

3-way tie — Run-off election

District 14: Small houses

Timothy Lovett

Fayne Lawson

Maxwell Galloway-Carson

James Abram Zumwalt

District 15: Hamblin Apts.

Kevin Malone

District 16: Tompkins Apts. & Executive Apts.

Carolyn Bueche (Off Campus until Winter 2009)

Dana Tipson (Filling in for Bueche)

John Curtin

Katherine Cochran

Amanda Look

District 17: Williston Hall

Virgina Graves (Off-campus until Winter 2009)

Katie Johnston (Off-campus until Winter 2009)

Jennifer Davis

District 18: Resident Advisors

Liesl Pereira

District 19: Off-campus

Kevin Quirk

Nnamdi Onyechi

Karen Russell (Off-campus until Winter 2009)

Brian Normile (Filling in for Russel)

Salleha Chaudhry

Patrick Herlihey

Abasam Onyia

Michael James Giese

TKS Staff

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