Campus / News / September 25, 2008

Student health options expand

For the second year, Knox health services are running on-campus. Along with this newer addition, Knox’s long standing counseling services still continue.

Dan Larson, Director of Counseling Services, has worked with the school’s counseling for ten years. This counseling covers a range of topics from individual counseling to relationships, anxiety, depression, and homesickness.

“Counseling is free of charge and is done by appointment. A student can call the secretary or walk in to set up a time,” said Larson.

During the first few weeks of Fall term there are many openings for counseling. As the school reaches its third or fourth week, the counseling appointment schedule becomes 95-100 percent full. The Knox health services are also highly used. Anywhere from 15 to 40 students may be seen a day depending on the time of year.

“We have anything you go to see your primary care doctor for. We can help with respiratory problems, colds, [influenza], cuts, bruises, and fevers. If a serious problem arises, we can refer you to a doctor in town,” said Larson.

Unlike last year, the first physical exam a student has is completely free. With this service, a student can receive a pap smear, breast exam, STD, hemoglobin, and pregnancy tests. With the second visit, there is a reduced rate so any test given will be no more than 50 dollars. Office visits are free of charge. Any lab work, prescriptions, or x-rays will be charged to the student’s private insurance or Knox supplemental insurance.

The Knox health services now have a new contract with Family Planning which is available to all students. Prescriptions such as birth control are available and will also be charged to either insurance.

Health services is arranging for HIV testing once a month in the Human Rights Center. It is advertised a week in advance in email and the Knox newsletter. The health services welcomes calls or emails with any student questions.

Rebecca Beno

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