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Senate grants WVKC funds

Student Senate reconvened for the first time last Thursday for the 2008-2009 school year. This was the first meeting for some senators, having been recently elected in a campus-wide vote ending on the previous Tuesday at midnight.

The election itself limited turnout, with only 318 students voting across campus, down dramatically from the 637 students who voted in the Senate Executive Board elections at the end of last term. Furthermore, three districts (Sherwin/Neifert First-Years, Displaced First-Years, and Furrow/Elder/Neifert Upper Class) did not have any candidates running for office. Elections will be held again during winter term to fill these spots.

In the meeting, WVKC requested an additional $3000 from the senate discretionary fund to help in hosting a concert on Oct. 11. According to WVKC General Manager Ryan Cash, the concert will feature six artists, including DJ Exile, Mainframe, and other hip-hop artists, either up-and-coming or fairly established.

“We want to do this to kick off the year,” Cash said.

After some brief discussion, the funds were approved by an overwhelming majority.

Later, a general Senate orientation was given by Senator Sam Claypool for the benefit of any first-time senators, and committee preference forms were distributed.

Towards the end of the meeting, there was a lengthy discussion centered mostly on Dining Services. Many suggestions, such as food choices, condiment dispensers instead of packages, and seating and space issues were all taken into consideration.

All Senate meetings are open to any interested parties. Student Senate occurs every Thursday at 7:00 pm, currently held in the Lincoln room in Seymour Union.

Andrew Polk

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