Mosaic / October 8, 2008

“We Sit Down To Pee” brings long-form improv to Knox

Normally, when a cast has no idea what’s going on, it’s an actor’s nightmare. However, when it comes to improvisational theater, the best moments come seemingly from nowhere. This weekend, students can see what it’s all about as the Department of Theater and Dance presents a Guerilla Surrealism production, “We Sit Down To Pee.”

Done as a long-form improv show, the ensemble cast will take a word, provided by the audience, and proceed to form an original story based around it. As one scene is created, others will add on to it from there, and they hope there is never a dull moment.

Director Adam McDowell said, “The challenge of improv is that you can’t just say what’s funny. You have to build off it.”

In order to stay in top form for the shows, the cast rehearses frequently. However, since the shows are unplanned, they rely on a variety of short form games (think of Whose Line Is It Anyway?) and general conversation. The focus is on determining how everyone thinks and learning to follow each other’s thought processes. The more they practice with each other, the cast is able to build more trust — they make sure that if one person sets up a joke, another will be right there to back it up.

All of this adds up to a show that looks apparently effortless and presents the audience with an evening of fast-paced and witty humor.

Senior Pamela Schuller, one of the cast members, said, “Expect to be entertained. You may laugh, you may cry, you may pee your pants. Go into it with an open mind.”

The show will be put on this Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. in the Studio Theater of the CFA.

Devinne Stevens

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