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New history professor enjoys the intimate environment at Knox

Originally from Turkey, new Professor of History Emre Sencer went to college in America and now teaches modern European history.

Sencer got his BA in history from the City College of New York, an MA and Ph.D. from Ohio State University. Fresh from his dissertation, which compares the military of Germany and Turkey in the 1920s and 1930s, Sencer is teaching several levels of courses on European history, specifically during World War I.

“I got to choose pretty much whatever I wanted to, some of the courses haven’t been taught before,” said Sencer.

Sencer so far has enjoyed his time at Knox. He said only teaching two courses during the term allows him to pay more attention to his students and be more of a mentor to those interested in his specialties.

“I think students find a lot of attention here,” said Sencer. “I think it’s a great learning environment.”

Sencer likes to use both textbooks and literature to teach his course. In the future, he hopes to do joint teaching with other professors and departments. He is also looking forward to advising students in the coming years.

“This is they type of environment where you can learn many things,” said Sencer. “I like it.”

Laura Miller

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