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Senate discusses Internet issues

In a thirty-minute-long session last Thursday, Student Senate heard a lengthy report from senior Brady Myers, chair of the technology committee, about the state of campus internet services.

“There’s a tear-out of all the network equipment occurring next summer,” Myers said, “and the decision [to be made] is whether to go entirely wireless or not. Right now, 85 percent of students connect wirelessly, and 95 percent have laptops. The issue is kind of a monetary one. We could save a half-million on the project if we deactivate all the [wired] ports.”

“There has been a solution discussed of leaving one port in every room, but I don’t think that’s ideal. We should keep it the way it is, or go all wireless. The one-port solution has [problems] involved, like having to assign roommates based on who has a desktop computer. It’s kind of a nightmare.”

Next, Myers discussed the tiered bandwidth system that is in place on campus. Currently, students can opt to pay for a better-than-standard connection by term or in a lump sum for the year.

“The school doesn’t really turn a profit on it, we just break even. A lot of students that I’ve talked to think that there’s a perception that you’re getting something second rate if you don’t pay. In reality, if we take the cap off, everyone’s speed would only go up about 30 percent. Student satisfaction is a major issue.”

Finally, Myers addressed the chamber about campus internet password expiration.

“On paper, it says that [passwords] expire every 90 days. They actually expire every 140 days. I think it’s kind of an annoying system, to keep having to come up with new passwords.”

Myers asked for student input on the system, mentioning possibilities such as a security question and the like.

Senate also approved the creation of a new campus club, the BBC club. According to representatives for the club, the BBC Club is dedicated to bringing British culture and entertainment to the Knox community through television, radio drama, literature, and sports.

Three other clubs, Chinese Club, HRC and SHAG, were approved funds by Senate for various campus activities and supplies.

After the funds were approved, the Student Senate Discretionary Fund had $30,391 remaining for the year.

Student Senate sessions are held every Thursday at 7 p.m., and are currently held in the Lincoln Room, though that location is subject to change.

Andrew Polk

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