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The Senate Perspective: Finally, to the real work

To my great pleasure Student Senate has finally completed all of the tedious, but necessary “beginning of year business”. At this week’s meeting the 98th Knox College Student Senate will be discussing and voting on its first resolution of the year.

As the author and primary force behind the resolution I’m particularly invested in its future. The resolution states the Student Senate’s impassioned request that the library become a 24-hour facility for students, if only for the finals period each term. I suggested that finals would be a trial period to see how and if it works.

There are, of course, many logistical issues (staffing during the later hours, safety of both the students and the library itself, etc.), which will all be discussed at the senate meeting. Rarely does the Student Senate president write resolutions (frankly, I do not have the time or desire). Typically resolutions, depending on what issue or idea the resolution is addressing, are written by a given committee chair in partnership with the members of the committee.

But I really wanted my name attached to this resolution because I brought the idea up at a senate meeting during my first year. Each year I have brought it up because each time I leave the library at one a.m. I have to trade in the aesthetically pleasing environment of Seymour Library for the vexingly fluorescent one of the Founders Lab.

Before the year gets too busy with other issues I hope to take care of this one that has the potential to positively affect all Knox students and help them see that the Student Senate can rally behind an issue and hopefully see something so great be completed. Please feel free to join us at Student Senate tonight and listen to the discussion on the resolution in the Lincoln Room at 7 p.m.

Elaine Wilson

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