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Country recorder candidate Hallam brings 13 years of Recorder’s Office experience

GALESBURG– “I’m a very quiet person, running for office is out of the norm for me” says Carol Hallam, the Republican candidate for County Recorder. Most city residents wouldn’t know what a County Recorder does unless one has had to deal with that office directly.

“Next to being on the County Board , not that I’m belittling them, [this] is a lowly job,” Hallam said.

The County Recorder’s office, located, at the County Courthouse, keeps track of and record filings, deeds, and any documents having to do with land. If you sell your house and a new deed is filed, the County Recorder is the one to see it. The office also records military discharges.

Hallem has worked in the Recorder’s Office for 18 years and says she “just fell into it.” For the past 13 years she has been the deputy recorder, managing business and training new employees.

A Knoxville High School graduate, Hallem grew up 20 miles from Galesburg, in Maquon, Ill. She started working at the Recorder’s Office after graduating from high school and has decided to run now since the current recorder, Nancy McCune, is retiring.

Hallem sees no major changes happening soon. “I believe [the office] is run efficiently now,” she said, “I would like to add another computer since right now we scan all of our documents into the computer system.”

Still, Hallam says “it is too bad this office has to be political.” Hallem says that her opponent [Democratic candidate Paula Monzo] “never worked a day in the Recorder’s Office, as far as I know. She knows nothing about it. If she were to win I’d have to teach her how to run the office.”

Hallam says that the current recorder has “let me make decisions on computer updates and things for the last few years.”

It is her love of the job that prompted Hallam to run for this office. “There are working county officials that delegate work and go to meetings,” she said. “I would be the one working along side my co-workers.”

And even though she is running for office, her timid nature comes out. “There is no way I could run for mayor,” she said. “I’m only doing this because I’ve worked in the office for so long”.

Whitney Helm

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