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County recorder candidate Monzo hopes to make a difference

GALESBURG–Paula Monzo, the Democratic candidate for County Recorder, says she is running for this job because, “I felt like I could make a difference in office.”

The County Recorder records all deeds, land transactions, mortgages and plats of Knox County. Monzo, 47, also wants to get more involved with appointed officials.

Although the position of County Recorder is new to her, county government, financial issues and the responsibilities required of the position are something she has dealt with for the last 16 years. Monzo works in the Knox County Clerk’s office, where she deals with accounts payable and delinquent payments.

As county clerk, Monzo records delinquent property taxes into the land record books. The county clerk signs off on new plats, and then each plat is recorded in the recorder’s office. Because of her experience, Monzo feels able to record deeds and other transactions necessary for the position of County Recorder.

Monzo attended Carl Sandburg College, where she majored in Accounting. However, she was one course short and did not graduate. Monzo started working for Knox County in 1992 in the assessor’s office, where she first started to handle the properties and payments of Galesburg.

Monzo thinks she can do the job of County Recorder because of her experience in county government, specifically in her dealings with properties and delinquent payments. Because of her work with citizens with taxpayers, Monzo thinks she can be an effective County Recorder.

Andrew Horn

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