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Garden Patch: The garden hoedown

If the onslaught of midterms and the descent of orange leaves aren’t clues enough, fall is undeniably here and the snow won’t be far off. Before we all run inside from the plummeting temperatures, take this upcoming Saturday to enjoy the outdoors at the Knox Community Garden Fall Harvest Hoedown Festival.

Everyone is welcome to come and participate, from those of you who have wondered about the garden all fall to those who are just learning it exists. We will harvest the fall crops and prepare the garden for winter in the day, then enjoy a potluck dinner featuring the produce from the Knox Community Garden in the evening. A live bluegrass band will play while we work! This is a great opportunity to come together and meet others interested in promoting organic, sustainable, locally-grown food on campus. Plus, it’ll be yummy!

What do you need to do?

Come at 11 a.m. ready to work – this means warm clothes you can move in (and get a little dirty). If you can’t come until later, we’ll find something for you to do when you arrive. Bring a friend – the more the merrier! To promote sustainability, please try to bring your own eating wear and utensil. We will have some available for use if you’re unable. If you plan to partake in the Fall Feast at 5 p.m., please bring some food to share, as this is a potluck. We’re particularly requesting breads/crackers, drinks, or desserts.

In case of rain, harvest and feast will continue as planned. Winter preparation will move to Tuesday, October 28 at 10:00 a.m.

So, here’s the gist:

11 a.m.: Come to the Community Garden on the corner of First and West to begin the fall harvest.

Cider and PB&J will be provided.

12 p.m.: Prepare garden for winter, begin cooking.

1 p.m.: Bluegrass band arrives for music; continued garden work and food preparation.

5 p.m.: Dinner is served!

A look at the Fall Feast’s menu:

• Mashed potatoes with chives

• Chard and garbanzo bean dip

• Sautéed chard with pine nuts and feta

• Blanched peas, beans, carrots, and broccoli

• Vegetarian chili

• Roasted butternut squash

• Cilantro pesto pasta

• Pumpkin penne

• Kale bleu cheese roll-ups

• Various herbed butters, with bread

Helen Schnoes

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