Campus / New Professors / News / October 23, 2008

New prof to connect disciplines

By Laura Miller

Mosaic Editor

Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Katherine Adelsberger will be teaching several courses at Knox this year, including Environmental Geology, Introduction to GIS, and World Resources.

“I have a lot of interests,” said Adelsberger.

As an undergraduate at Beloit College, she started pursuing a degree in anthropology then realized while studying abroad that her questions were better answered through geology. She received her Ph.D. from Washington University. Her dissertation was based on research she did in an Egyptian desert where she studied early stones and tools to decipher what the environment was like centuries ago. Adelsberger studied spring deposits in the soil to determine whether there had been a body of water at that location at one point.

Adelsberger is hoping to work with professors in other departments, such as physics, anthropology, and history, to connect different areas of study.

“We have the same kind of research questions,” said Adelsberger. “I like the interconnectedness.”

Adelsberger knew she wanted to teach in a liberal arts environment because it allows professors to give students more attention and focus on teaching while also doing research, which incorporates students.

“I always was interested in the teaching part of it,” said Adelsberger. “I felt like my research fit a liberal arts school.”

Adelsberger is looking forward to the opening of SMC D219 wet lab so she can continue doing soil chemistry and sediment research. So far, she has had a good time at Knox.

“I’m really enjoying it,” said Adelsberger.

Laura Miller

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