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Republican Senatorial candidate seeks to bring new ideas to senate floor

GALESBURG–Presidential candidate Barack Obama once wrote that Washington “has too many lawyers and not enough engineers.” Though the Republican U.S. Senatorial candidate Steven Sauerberg M.D. supports John McCain in the November election, he agrees with Senator Obama’s sentiments in this case. In an address via Youtube video Dr. Sauerberg says that the U.S. Senate needs “new energy, new ideas, new solutions, and most of all, a new United States Senate.”

Steven Sauerberg is not a politician, but a physician and family doctor. He was born in Berwyn, Ill. and studied at MacMurray College in Jacksonville, Ill. After graduating from Rush Medical College in 1985, he started the Family Medical Center of LaGrange. He still runs the practice today. He has been married to his wife, Nancy, for 26 years and they have two adult children, Neal and Laura.

Because of his medical background, health care is one of the cornerstones of Dr. Sauerberg’s campaign. He says that the current health care system in the United States is “too confusing, too expensive, and inaccessible to many Americans.”

In a speech in Hinsdale, Ill., Sauerberg said “socialized, Big Government-controlled medicine will destroy health care quality in America.”

Instead, he suggested converting tax benefits given to companies for offering medical insurance to their employees into “tax rebates for individuals and families or health vouchers for those who don’t pay federal income taxes.” Under Sauerberg’s proposed plan, individuals would receive $2,000 annually, and families would receive $5,000. Unused rebates would go into a savings account to pay for future medical needs. He also suggested imposing penalties on insurance companies that reject clients on the basis of preexisting conditions.

Dr. Sauerberg opposed the recent $700 billion rescue plan for the United States credit market, commonly called the bailout. Instead, he supports a cut in corporate taxes and “a moratorium on capital gains tax,” as he outlined during the October 9 debate with incumbent Dick Durbin at Knox College.

He believes that these measures will encourage Americans to invest and put faith in the free market. During the debate, he called upon a motto from his medical experience, stating that we had three options: “do something, do nothing, or do something right.” In this case, he suggested that doing nothing, and trusting in the power of the free market, was better than doing something wrong.

Dr. Sauerberg feels that the war in Iraq was “doing something right” and that U.S. forces are winning. “We should pull the troops out when we win,” he said at the debate. “We should pull them out as soon as we can, while we’re winning. We’re winning the war in Iraq.”

Dr. Sauerberg believes that the United States should finish the war in Iraq before the war in Afghanistan, and that the country should spare no expense in winning the war.

The remainder of his foreign policy platform concerns America’s relationship with its immigrants. He believes that all illegal immigrants should be deported immediately, and that immigrants must learn English before they are allowed to immigrate.

“Washington is broken. Washington is broken, and we do definitely need some change,” Dr. Sauerberg concluded at the Knox debate.

“We need some new ideas, new thoughts, we need new people.”

Emily Ginsburg

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