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Retired deputy sheriff running for sheriff

GALESBURG–Retired Deputy Sheriff Gary L. Ryner, 58, is running for sheriff in Knox County.

“It’s pretty simple,” he said, about why he should be sheriff. “I’ve been a deputy sheriff for 31 years.”

In a video statement on YouTube that Ryner made to the Register-Mail he said,

“I want to be sheriff because I care about the citizens of Knox County. With my over 30 years of experience as a Knox County deputy sheriff I understand the needs of the citizens.”

Talking about how his experience in the department helped prepare him he said, “As deputy I was a leader, dependable, loyal, approachable, dedicated, compassionate, and I know the county.”

Among his goals as sheriff would be crime reduction.

“As a former D.A.R.E. and crime prevention officer I understand how important education is for our children, and how we need neighborhoods to work together to reduce crime.” He would also work to reduce repeat offenses by introducing programs in the jails.

In speaking with TKS, Ryner said the biggest issues facing the sheriff concern the budget.

“Fuel is a big concern for the department, I would like to look at alternative fuels,” he said. “I’ve been looking at compressed natural gas, whether we use it or not or it is viable is another question, but it’s something to look at.”

One solution to fuel costs that Ryner will not consider is cutting patrol miles. “Cutting miles cuts services,” he said. He also talked about ways of cutting the cost of maintaining the prison.

His advice to voters is simple, “Look at the person before you vote. I will be a person out there talking to people regardless of ages, politics, or background.” If elected he promised to put his personal motto up in the department, “The pride of the Department is those whom we serve.”

Jim Hanson

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