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New Year begins…What will happen in sports in 2009?

The famous Times Square ball has been dropped and a New Year has begun, which means a number of individuals are making resolutions and predictions for the year. We, the TKS staff, have made some predictions this issue and here are some of mine.

In a little over a month from now, the Prairie Fire women’s basketball team, which is under the guidance of first year head coach Emily Cline, will finish the 2008-09 season with more wins than the program has had the past two seasons. In case you are wondering, this season’s team currently has three wins and the program has won only five games the past two seasons.

In May, the Jami Isaacson-led Prairie Fire baseball team will finish the 2009 season with a .500 winning percentage, win the Midwest Conference (MWC) championship and will also make a trip to the NCAA Division III Baseball Championships. Last season’s team won the MWC, had a .375 winning percentage and earned an automatic berth into the 2008 NCAA Division III Baseball Championships, which was a first for the Knox baseball program.

Also in May, first year coach Patty Keenan’s Prairie Fire softball team will finish the 2009 season with six wins. Last season’s team had an overall record of 4-22 and the softball program has not had a winning percentage over .500 since 2003.

A couple of days before Halloween, head coach Kim Schrader’s volleyball team will be wrapping up their season and be proud of their six wins. In 2008, the Prairie Fire volleyball team had an overall record of 4-15.

A few weeks before Thanksgiving, the Knox women’s soccer team, coached by Nikki McLellan, will finish the 2009 season with four wins and the team will have scored at least 15 goals. Last season’s team scored ten goals and finished with a 1-17 record overall. Also, goalkeeper Alex Rauland will break her school record for saves in a season. This past season, Rauland surpassed teammate Cassie Milleville in the record books and finished the season with 272 saves.

Right after the Prairie Fire women’s soccer team ends their season, the 2009 Knox football team, guided by Andy Gibbons, will end theirs and have six wins in the win column. Last season, the football team ended their season in a 56-10 loss at Monmouth College and had a 3-7 overall record, two of those wins were in MWC games. Also, during the upcoming 2009 season, the Fighting Scots will lose when they take on the Prairie Fire and the coveted Bronze Turkey trophy will be awarded to the Fire for the first time in ten years.

Speaking of football, one prediction for the NFL, Michael Vick will be on a NFL roster and in the starting line-up for a team on the West Coast, before the end of Week 8.

Matthew Wheaton

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