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Thoughts from the Embers: Knox’s unbelievable rumor mill

Of all of Knox’s organizations and services, the rumor mill is undeniably the most effective and the most efficient. Bits of information fly between students like synapses in a massive, campus-wide hive mind, and the more false the rumor, the faster it seems to travel. The rumor network knows no geographical bounds: the fabulous but sadly untrue story that David Bowie would be our 2009 commencement speaker reached our editors over break, hundreds of miles from the pulsating center of the rumor colony.

It has come to our attention that the campus is vaguely aware that TKS is currently considering an article about hazing: on Wednesday night/this morning, as we put the paper together, no fewer than three people came into our office or called members of the editorial staff to inquire about it. We learned that even members of the faculty have been taken in: the mental image of the senior staff sending frantic “OMGWTF!” text messages to each other in their pajamas gave us a much-needed chuckle in the middle of a long night.

It is true that Editor-in-Chief Deana Rutherford is investigating the possibility of writing an article about hazing . Every single other piece of information you’ve heard about it is false. TKS has not sent letters to the Greek Task Force, we are not sending rough drafts of the article to the nationals of any organization, and we have not planted moles (moles!) in fraternity or sorority recruitment events.

Like every other article we print, any article that might emerge about this sensitive issue in the coming weeks will be researched, considerate of the positions of both sides, and written with as little bias as possible.

Come on, guys. We don’t make this paper just to kick up dust—a well-placed lie on Knox PostSecret would serve the same purpose without necessitating an all-nighter. If an article we print generates conversation on campus, we take it as a positive sign, but we aren’t going to offer up our publication as a mouthpiece for upset students with no editorial involvement.

So please, Knox, take a deep breath and wait for next week. We will try to answer all of your questions in a fair, calm, and reasoned way.

TKS Staff

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