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CoHouse inauguration bursts the Knox bubble

On Jan. 20 CoHouse held their “Inauguration Sensation” post-presidential inauguration party. To celebrate the inauguration, CoHouse members had decorated the house with paper chains, served snacks, and invited a student band, “Elbow Macaroni.”

“CoHouse is basically just a house aimed at bridging the gap between Knox and the community. We invite people from the community, starting small with people we know,” said CoHouse member sophomore Kevin Morris.

The “Inauguration Sensation” was CoHouse’s third event. They normally have 10-15 community members on a given night. The majority of community members are people the CoHouse members know personally from The Center on Cherry Street.

“What our concept has boiled down to is having community members and Knox students interact,” said CoHouse member sophomore Tanya Novotnak about CoHouse’s mission.

One of those community members is mayoral candidate Sal Garza. Garza talked about his reasons for coming to CoHouse.

“At The Center we talked about the invisible divide that keeps folks from the community and Knox from coming together…. What I’m doing is looking at harnessing the creative energies here. I’m looking at establishing a commission to expand opportunities across the community and Knox…. The community is aging, and where do we go for fresh ideas?” said Garza. “The obvious place is Knox.”

While the band played “Wild Horses” and “Stuck in the Middle With You,” students and Galesburg community members mingled.

“It’s been a long time since I went to a shindig at the college,” said Knox employee Dave Smith.

“It’s good, a nice way to spend a Tuesday night,” said junior Jules Trachsel.

Towards the end of the evening, Novotnak led everyone in a toast.

“To neighbors and to fun parties like this, more often. Happy inauguration everyone,” said Novotnak.

Morris and fellow CoHouse member senior Chris Mouzakitis has this to say about the CoHouse goals:

“Change the mindset to a degree of the community and Knox,” said Morris, while Mouzakitis mentioned he’d like to see the CoHouse “get involved in the mayoral campaign, and get involved in educating the community.”

Ben Reeves

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