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Spotlight on a Senator: Jarvis takes on Safety and Services Chair

Senior senator Sam Jarvis is a third year senator and has had more experience than most regarding the recent safety and security issues that have cropped up around campus.

“I guess the [crime] level has been on a small rise, but nothing too surprising,” Jarvis, a Galesburg native, said, “I remember being a freshman and sitting outside Elder-Campbell, and gunshots were going off. I remember leaving campus to go to the store and there were five or six cop cars on the corner. I read in the paper that there had been shots in the neighborhood. So it’s not too surprising given the neighborhood that we’re in. It’s definitely a concern, and I can understand when people say they’re afraid to walk outside, or go to the Quickie or a friend’s [house] off campus. I completely understand it, but I don’t see it as a sudden jump.”

This perspective serves him well as the newly appointed Safety and Services Committee Chair.

“People have stolen laptops, last year SMC had a bunch of projectors stolen, and those are pretty expensive, iPods and things like that. I see [crimes] like that being more oriented towards this area because of that. Also, it’s a college campus. Most students are [bad] about keeping aware about stuff like that. It you think about it, it’s probably pretty easy to pickpocket someone here.”

Jarvis fills the vacancy left by Senator Sorensen.

“I don’t see a whole lot of change for me [in transition to the committee chair],” Jarvis said. “Maybe more coordinating with the committee and the administration, but other than that it’s pretty much the same. I guess I look at it as just all of us working together.”

Representing District 13, Jarvis covers concerns from all over campus in the work that the Safety and Services committee does.

“Last year we had our safety walk, and that’s where we basically go around campus with the Campus Safety Director [John Schlaf] and we basically pick out areas on campus that are under-lit or are general problem areas and let the school know to be aware of those,” Jarvis said. “Also, we were looking into getting condom machines on campus. That’s been kind of difficult, because working with the company has been … they’re kind of finicky. This term, the cameras are an issue that has already been brought up, and the different crimes that have been committed on campus.”

On the hot issue of security cameras on campus, Jarvis maintains a neutral position.

“I’m kind of indifferent to the cameras,” Jarvis said. “For the school’s purpose, they can catch someone and maybe they can find them. But if someone’s getting mugged, it’ll record you getting mugged, it’s not like it’ll interject and stop you from getting mugged.”

Though issues have changed since he initially ran for senate as a sophomore, Jarvis still enjoys the experience.

“I just wanted to be involved on campus,” Jarvis said. “It’s pretty cool [in Senate] with all the different things that get brought up that affect the campus. I feel pretty good being on top of things.”

As for the future, Jarvis is hopeful that student and administrative concerns will meet in the middle when it comes to safety.

“I feel like the school really tries to work with students and their problems,” Jarvis said.

Andrew Polk

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