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Catch releases 41st volume

Despite the cold weather on Friday, January 16 the every seat at the Catch release party was taken and there were even some people sitting on the floor. A table of refreshments welcomed dozens of attendees while a string band helped create the atmosphere in CFA lobby.

Senior Ellen Kokontis, editor-in-chief of Catch, provided a quick introduction to the event. She announced that the latest edition of Catch was the product of much hard work and talent. Rather than trying to convey the merit of this new issue herself, she passed the microphone to students who submitted to Catch so the audience could observe firsthand the literary talent.

Catch contributors shared the literature they had written. Genres ranged from non-fiction to descriptions of comic book panels to poetry. A slideshow of the artwork included in Catch was displayed on a screen behind the performers.

Several students recited poetry. Complexities of love, devious de-magnetizing, and Proposition 8 were among the themes.

Some stories made the audience laugh out loud. One example describes Owen Muelder (the Underground Railroad Historian in whose honor one Knox grant is named) and his playful suggestion that his wife call him “leading expert” around the house.

Senior Emma Clark said that this year’s edition is “a big change from last year,” and seemed “more rehearsed and very well put-together.”

Senior Klayr Valentine-Fossum said, “The panel thing was cool to see. The masks, the submissions from journalist. This issue works with a different aesthetic than people are used to.”

Kokontis said they had aimed to create something “simple and classy.” Since Catch is an “art object in its own right,” she was careful not to make it seem “flashy or distracting — it has personality.” She was very pleased with the readings.

“We tried to encourage people who didn’t necessarily make it into this issue to read,” she said.

Kokontis is really looking forward to new submissions. She encourages everyone to submit their work for the next issue of Catch to the submissions drive that is taking place from now until spring break.

“People can even submit math proofs,” she said. “Anything you’re interested in — we’ll take it. Catch is not necessarily an art magazine, it’s just full of things that people create at Knox.”

In order to put this particular issue together, a submissions drive was held and committees (divided by art category) selected the best works of each section. A lot of work was done to “polish them” and work on the layout before finally sending it off to the printing company. The cover design is a photoshopped photograph of an old book cover that Kokontis found in the library.

Kaeli Winberg

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