Campus / Campus Safety / News / January 28, 2009

WVKC victimized by vandals

Most WVKC DJs have probably heard the radio station managers promise “changes to come” to the studio to make it a better place. The first real change to take place this term, however, was not new headphones or microphones that don’t break. It was vandalism in the form of a neon green swastika.

Sometime between 9 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 21 and the morning of Thursday, Jan. 22, “somebody had put a swastika in lime green spray paint on the table [in the lounge area], and then someone painted over it to make it look like what they called a spaceship,” said senior Kaley Morlock, the folk director for WVKC. “I guess it was kind of our fault,” she said, “because there’s a huge stencil of ‘WVKC’ in spray paint on the wall and a cabinet with spray paint in it.” The cabinet was supposed to be locked, but it wasn’t. According to Morlock, two Knox College students were broadcasting a show that Wednesday evening and two other people came up into the station “acting sketchy.”

The swastika is no longer visible on the table after many people’s efforts to paint over it to turn it into something else. It now looks like a misshapen boat or possibly a spaceship, as the second spray painter allegedly intended.

On the walls of the lounge area in the WVKC station, there are spray-painted circles randomly placed on the walls as well as what seem to be graffiti tags. The spray-painted WVKC stencil banner was not painted over.

There is currently no information on who vandalized the station. “We have a few people in mind,” said station manager senior Ryan Cash. “We’ve ruled a number of people out. It could have possibly been somebody that doesn’t even have a show because people can get into the building after show hours if someone lets them in or they call security. We’re going to be talking to everybody, even though we’ve ruled some people out.”

Besides the swastika, none of the spray-painted markings were offensive. Cash concluded, “We’re definitely done with keeping the spray paint up there.”

Annie Zak

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