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Spotlight on a Senator: Juist tackles high and low tech issues

As a second year Senator, sophomore Sarah Juist is well aware that student interest in Student Senate varies greatly, depending on whom you talk to.

“I know people who read through the entire Student Senate minutes,” Juist said, “and they actually really care about what Student Senate is doing because the administration often uses Senate as the voice of the students, so they’re really interested in how they’re being portrayed through their representatives. But some students really just don’t care.”

Despite some student apathy, Juist has been interested in student government since before enrolling at Knox.

“I really wanted to be involved with the inner workings of what went on around campus,” Juist said. “I sat in on a Student Senate meeting as a prospective student, and I found the whole process fascinating. I thought it was really cool that students had a voice with what happened on campus.”

Juist seeks to serve all student interests through her work as a senator.

“I’m on the technology committee and I’m also on the instructional support faculty committee,” Juist said. “We’ve been trying to get a new voting system in place, instead of using Snap or SurveyKnox. I believe [senior Tech Chair] Brady Myers is working on a Technology Survey at the moment. It’s trying to get general student opinion and seek out any problems that are going on that we might not know about.”

Low tech issues are also of concern to Juist.

“[The Instructional Support Faculty Committee] works closely with Vicky Romano, who oversees Moodle and stuff like that,” Juist said. “She takes care of technology in the classroom and how to integrate it. We also deal with a lot of library issues, which is kind of what we’re focusing on right now. A lot of people don’t know this, but the library is almost at maximum capacity. Especially in the special collections, there’s no more room for anything at all.”

Juist’s view is pragmatic, but optimistic.

“There are certain things that I would like to see happen that are just never going to happen. But with a lot of things, I think that the administration does take Student Senate seriously,” she said.

Andrew Polk

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