Student Life Committee approves ATP

On Feb. 16 the Student Life Committee [SLC] approved the motion to allow ATP to go on to seek the approval of Student Senate and then the faculty on March 2. The decision was based on the colony’s membership reports, which suggested the colony was ready to move to the next stage in becoming an official Greek organization. The motion passed unanimously with one abstention.

Senate will vote today on whether ATP should move onto the March meeting. It is likely that senate will approve ATP’s advance as they have voted in favor of the colony in the past, and the motion has the support of both Senate President Elaine Wilson, and Vice President Bryan Lund. The Faculty Exec will meet with ATP Monday, not to vote on whether they should proceed but to give advice on how to prepare before going to the faculty.

Though ATP seems ready by many standards, it is difficult to predict the March verdict. SLC members pointed out that faculty may feel bogged down with the contents of the recent GTF report. However, members also pointed out that the colony’s status has been in debate for a year, and it should go forward in presenting its proposal for Greek recognition. Additionally, Mike Godsil pointed out the disparity between fraternities and sororities on campus and that the report ATP provided will help faculty that are on the fence decide if they should endorse the colony.

If ATP is granted this recognition it will then be working with national organizations to see which is the best fit.

The other colonies, are working towards being able to present to the GTF. They are currently focusing on recruiting more members, and ATP has 16 members at this point.

ATP values service, philanthropy and academia in its members

As of Fall 2008

• 3.473 Cumulative GPA

Fall 2007- Spring 2008

• 1,298 Reported Service Hours

Klayr Valentine-Fossum

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