Campus / News / February 25, 2009

Fledgling radio show broadcasts news to campus

A few weeks ago sophomore Andrew Polk started a radio show called “The Steam Tunnel Network”, after the mythical Knox steam tunnels that supposedly connect all of campus. Likewise, the radio show is supposed to connect all of campus. He introduces “The Steam Tunnel Network” as the “friendly neighborhood news, information, talk and politics show.”

Polk is not trying to compete with The Knox Student, rather he sees radio having a different sort of audience than newspaper; you can listen to radio while driving, while folding laundry, while eating in the cafeteria. Radio makes the news available to more people.

So far several of the guests he has had have been follow-ups to TKS articles, including junior Dan Pers, to talk about the TKE fraternity, and sophomore Kaeli Winberg to talk about her article on the Knox Honduras Medical Brigade. He also interviewed Marilyn Webb, journalism professor and Galesburg mayoral candidate, about the coming election and her history at Knox.

Polk also plans to bring on senators to talk about matters of the Student Senate. “A lot of students don’t realize how much senate affects their lives,” he says. He plans to give students a view of what the senators actually do and why they are important, and have senators discuss the issues that arise in senate.

Radio itself is a unique medium, and undervalued at Knox, Polk says. When listeners call in, radio can start a dialogue. Polk asks listeners to call in frequently. “You hope people are listening,” he said, because in that small, dark broadcast room you really cannot tell. The more people that take an interest and give feedback the better his show will get.

“The Steam Tunnel Network” airs every Thursday 4 to 5 p.m. on 90.7 WVKC Galesburg.

Charles Ely

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