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Spotlight on a Senator: Salleha Chaudhry

While some students at Knox have difficulty keeping up with campus events, Senator Salleha Chaudhry knows how to avoid the confusion.

“I feel like I know more about what’s going on at Knox. I feel more connected by being a senator,” Chaudhry said. “We have President [Roger] Taylor come in, we can ask him questions, especially with issues like privacy and the cameras going up around campus. Some students have no idea about these issues.”

As a senior at Knox and a second-year senator, Chaudhry uses her unique position on the Senate Finance Committee to gain extra insight into the goings on around campus.

“Last year, I loved being on Senate, and I loved the Finance Committee,” Chaudhry said. “It’s interesting, and you get to know about all the events that are going on around campus through the finance committee because all the events are being funded through us. There’s so much stuff on the walls of Seymour Hall that you’re not sure what’s going on, and some people do bad PR, and this way you know what events are occurring.”

Working with the Finance Committee, Chaudhry keeps student clubs and organizations properly funded.

“We go through budgets of clubs,” Chaudhry said. “So if there’s any new organizations coming on campus that want to get approved, they’ll come to us and we’ll speak to them about their club and why they think that Knox should have it and how Knox doesn’t have it presently, [and] what it will bring to Knox. Then we speak to them about the budget they’ll have in the future. Each new organization has the same set budget, and then they can become a funded club. Also we approve clubs and organizations if they need more money, we give them advice on how to get more money through other discretionary funds, like through [Dean of Students] Xavier [Romano], or if they want to raise money or not. We’re the first step in raising money for organizations or for trips.”

Knowledge about the inner workings of campus finances and events is one of the reasons Chaudhry ran for Senate in the first place.

“I ran for Senate because I would read TKS and talk to other people who were on Senate, and they’d bring up all these things that were occurring on campus that I had no idea of. I was like ‘Are you sure about that? I’ve never heard of that. No one’s ever told me about that.’ I didn’t know it was happening. And they told me, ‘Well, you should sit in on Senate.’ So I came and sat in on one of the Senate meetings, and they were trying to pass a resolution that I was really appalled that none of the students knew about. I emailed my senator and said ‘I didn’t know this was going on, why didn’t you email me?’ So I ran last year just because I wanted to know what was going on around campus. I feel like most senators know more than a typical student does, and it’s their job to tell them [what’s going on],” she said.

Chaudhry will keep working as a senator, and greatly encourages any and all interested students to participate as well.

“I love Senate, and I feel like any student that wants to know what’s going on around campus should come to Senate. It’s an open forum. Come, say what you need to say, speak your piece. Email your senators, and we will bring it up in Senate. Email [Senate President] Elaine [Wilson] if you want to bring up a resolution. If you’re some student somewhere on campus that has something you want to change, tell Elaine, bring up a resolution, and come speak. Everyone has the floor, not just senators.”

Andrew Polk

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