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Mayoral Candidate Margaret Hall hopes to build communication within Galesburg

How do you plan to address the safety of off-campus students and Galesburg residents in the greater Galesburg community?

“By helping form more volunteer neighborhood watch programs.”

How do you see Knox fitting into the community at large?

“Knox has been underappreciated for many years. We need to extend through both invitation and direct inclusion of the college faculty and students in the events that of the community. Making the community, at large, more of the family they reside with during their time at Knox.”

Do you believe that the resources at Knox College have been of benefit to the community? How do you think Galesburg could better use the resource that is Knox College?

“Yes, the resources have been a benefit but we have not really tapped into the potential benefits that they could be. Students could be involved in the collection of community data (surveys). There are also many more opportunities for mentoring / tutoring our local young students by helping us to build cooperatives (links) for our social services and networking with alumni for possible business expansion or creation. I am sure the possibilities are endless, if we take the time to communicate with each other.”

Why do you want to be the Mayor of Galesburg?

“I believe I have the qualities necessary to get past any perceived old differences that have hindered us in the past. Building the bridges of communication among the members of the City Council, between the Council and county, and between the city, colleges and businesses of Galesburg.”

How do you plan to address the issue of Galesburg’s growing poverty?

“First, we have many agencies that, if interconnected, could more efficiently accommodate the increasing number of under and unemployed. We could work out the logistics without the wasteful creation of another layer of bureaucracy. Through that coordinated process, the aid, education and life skills necessary would become an integral part of the program. Better tracking of services reduces the possibility of abuse that gives the system a bad name. The stigma often keeps people who need help from seeking it. Finally, after being given a hand up it would be appropriate for those helped to in return become volunteers, to pay it forward.”

What do you see as Galesburg’s greatest strengths?

“The love of community which ninety-plus percent of the population has. While sometimes people get discouraged this still is a very nice place to be.”

Deana Rutherford

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