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Quickie altercation details unclear

In the early morning hours of April 2, the parking lot and adjacent lawn near Quick Sam’s Convenience Convenient at 275 S. Academy was a hotbed of fights and police activity. Witnesses saw a fight among a large number of people around 1:20 a.m., with the altercation lasting as late as 2 a.m. Reports from the Galesburg Police Department do not line up with what Knox students said they saw. Students reported there were roughly 20 people in the parking lot, and that it appeared to be a gang fight.

In the days after the fight, word circulated on the Knox campus that there had been a stabbing in the parking lot on the north side of Quick Sam’s, between the Steak House and the Quickie House, near Tompkins apartments. “I was standing on [the] back porch and one guy got stabbed. I think it was a gang fight,” said sophomore Amanda Hubeny, who was standing on the back deck of a house known as the Quickie House because of its proximity to the convenience store.

“Someone threw a trash can and then someone yelled ‘knife.’ Everyone scattered and then there were two guys on the ground. [It looked like] both of them were stabbed,” she said. She said that one man was taken away by the police and his face was bloody.

The police report tells a story that contains no stabbing whatsoever, leading some of the witnesses to believe that the person or possibly two people who were stabbed ran away or escaped the scene in the car of another member of the fight. In a report written by Officer James Kubis, it was stated that the fight “started near the gas pumps at Quick Sam’s,” and “a lot of cars arrived all at the same time and subjects got out of the cars with ‘sticks and brown bottles.’”

Also in the report, Kubis stated that another officer secured a man “who appeared to be in a verbal argument with another male.” Knox College Campus Safety was also at the scene, and Kubis wrote, “[I] was informed by a Knox College Security guard that there was an injured male subject in the Knox College parking lot to the [n]orth of Quick Sam’s,” as if walking from Quick Sam’s to the Steak House.

Sophomore Andrew Federman, who also witnessed the fight, stated that there were “bloodstains in the parking lot” for days after the fight. When asked if he saw a stabbing or a knife, however, Federman said, “No, definitely not.”

Though Hubeny and others said they saw a stabbing, the police report only stated, as far as injury with an object, “[I] radioed [headquarters] to dispatch medical because [a subject] had been hit with a bottle. I observed blood on [the subject’s] face and shirt, his shirt was torn…and he could not get to his feet on his own.” Another subject stated to the officer that “he had helped [someone] get away from the subjects but [he] was also injured.”

To explain where the injured subject(s) went and why he or they were not apprehended by the police, Federman said, “This guy got up and tried to run away because he was the one the guys were beating the crap out of. They ran when the cops came. Everyone who [left] had jumped in cars, and they rolled around to Tompkins Street and they were parked between Jazz House and Steak House on the street.” He also mentioned that one of the injured men involved in the fight ran right between Jazz House and Steak House to Tompkins Street where the cars were.

No one was arrested, and the police report said, “[I] did not pursue any arrest at this time due to [the subject/s] not wishing to press charges or pursue the subjects responsible for the disturbance.”

Annie Zak

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