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Union Board to bring Javier Colon

“He’s different than anything we’ve ever brought before,” says senior Union Board member Alex Clark of upcoming musical act Javier Colon.

Union Board members first experienced the singer-songwriter at a conference hosted by The National Association for Campus Activities (NACA).

“Once he opened his mouth, we knew,” said Pam Schuller, a senior Union Board member who attended the conference.

This and a number of other upcoming Union Board events were triggered in part by the relatively low amount of enthusiasm shown by students towards last year’s Big Event.

“It was a lot of money to spend on something that wasn’t successful,” said junior Union Board member Ginny Graves.

However, assures Graves, the originality of Javier Colon’s acoustic man and guitar act will appeal to a broad range of Knox Students.

“He’s genre-less. There are so many elements to his music,” she said, including folk, soul, R & B, and blues. On his website,, Colon cites his many influences, a list ranging from Stevie Wonder to Brian McKnight.

Schuller assures that Javier Colon’s guitar ballads and heartfelt lyrics will make the event “[a] great date night.” She goes on to describe him as “captivating and fun to watch.”

The up-and-coming Colon’s powerful lyrics will also engage Knox students.

“During one song I actually cried,” recalls Clark of Colon’s performance at NACA.

The event will be held at 8 p.m. on April 16th in Post Lobby, a setting chosen for its intimacy in alignment with that of the artist according to Student Life Coordinator Jenn Snider. CDs will be available for purchase and free refreshments will be provided.

Sarah Colangelo

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