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Spotlight on a Senator: Jordan Kratter

You wouldn’t know it by talking to him, but sophomore Jordan Kratter wasn’t always interested in student government.

“I had heard a bit about Senate,” Kratter said. “I wasn’t too familiar with it in my freshman year, I wasn’t all that interested in getting super-involved in the campus, but as I heard more and more about it, people were upset with it, and the opportunity kind of arose in the house with some guys graduating, the typical FIJI senators, and I decided to take a look. I spoke with [Dean of Students] Xavier [Romano] a bit about it last year, and decided it would be a really cool organization to join.”

Besides the Senate seat opening up, some important issues drove Kratter to the election.

“I guess the Greek Task Force was an issue that kind of hit home,” Kratter said, “as I’m a member of Phi Gamma Delta. That was probably one of the biggest issues. Environmental sustainability was the other.”

Now, Kratter is very involved in Student Senate’s everyday workings, particularly as a member of the Finance Committee.

“I think it’s a really interesting position,” Kratter said. “It’s sometimes criticized and other times praised. It can be controversial, I guess, but it’s a very serious committee, well-organized, I think, and a very good learning experience.”

Changes are currently in the works with regards to how much money the committee can dole out to new clubs.

“When a club first starts,” Kratter said, “it’s allowed I think fifty dollars for its first term, fifty for its second, and one hundred fifty for its third, as its first year through. Then they can apply for a formal budget. We wanted to expand how much money they’re able to get and allow them to apply for a limited amount of additional funds request. We understand that it’s not a lot of money and some to function some clubs need more money than that, so this gives them a way to do some ground-breaking events and things like that, to get them situated as a club.”

There are some problems with Senate as a whole that Kratter would like to see changed.

“I want it to be a little more organized,” Kratter said. “I guess a lot of times during meeting, it tends to be…people [go] off on tangents, and the Senators will become disorganized. I want to bring Senate really to the students and the school. I feel like a lot of times Senators are representing themselves more than their districts, and I feel like that’s a big problem. It is a representation of the student body, not a collective of forty guys and girls.”

And how does the first year Senator plan on changing that?

“I’m actually planning on running for president next year,” Kratter said.

Andrew Polk

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