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Fall Out Boy (not) to play Knox

Mysterious posters appeared on campus Wednesday morning. The posters say, quite simply, “Knox College Presents: El Dia De: Fall Out Boy.” Coming on the heels of a massive campus wide Flunk Day scare, few students were willing to believe what the posters said, that the popular rock band, Fall Out Boy, would be playing at Knox College on Thursday, May 7, at a location to be announced.

In an attempt to verify whether or not the band would actually be coming to Knox, TKS contacted a number of sources. Coordinator of Student Life Jennifer Snider in the student development office said she knew nothing about Fall Out Boy coming to Knox and looked visibly surprised upon hearing the news, saying that facilities knew nothing about it.

A brief conversation with Dean Romano proved more fruitful, however. When asked to confirm or deny that Fall Out Boy will be coming to campus, Dean Romano replied, “Yes, that’s true.” He continued, unprompted, saying, “I think for people to assuming that just because Fall Out Boy will be here means Flunk Day is erroneous. That’s like saying two plus two equals twelve.”

In an attempt to corroborate Dean Romano’s answer, we contacted Pam Schuller. “I have no idea [about who is bringing Fall Out Boy]. Everything I have heard is rumor. I thought it was a hoax. When it’s Union Board we have ‘Union Board’ on the posters.”

The only information on the posters about who is responsible for bringing the band is a line that says, “Funded by the dtp foundation.” A Google search revealed no definitive information about the “dtp foundation,” but it is possible that it refers to “Disturbing Tha Peace,” a record label owned by Island/Def Jam Music Group, the same company that produces Fall Out Boy. Attempts to contact Island/Def Jam or Universal Music Group (Island/Def Jam’s parent company) were unsuccessful.

The Fall Out Boy website lists the band as being on tour with a concert on May 6th in Montreal, Canada, and a concert on the 8th in Ypsilanti, Michigan, putting the Wilmette, Ill. band in the Midwest on the date of the Knox concert.

Based upon Romano’s reply, it seems likely that Fall Out Boy will actually be coming to Knox College on the 7th. However, it still remains unclear as to who is responsible for bringing the band, particularly because it does not appear to be a Union Board event. Romano, though, has made it clear that the mysterious circumstances surrounding Fall Out Boy coming have absolutely nothing to do with Flunk Day.

Regardless, suspicions have still been aroused about a possible connection between Fall Out Boy and Flunk Day based upon the lack on information about the concert sponsor and the “El Dia De” portion of the poster, which is highly reminiscent of Dean Romano’s Flunk Day emails in which he refers to Flunk Day as “el Dia de Flunk.”

Ben Reeves

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