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Performers discuss manhood

Last year, Teatro Luna performed their show Sex-Oh about women and body image at Knox. This year, they switched their focus to the male experience with Machos.

“I saw Teatro Luna perform last year and they were great,” said junior Ellie Poley. “[Machos] was very eye-opening.”

The Chicago-based group, made up of Latina women, interviewed 100 men from widely varied backgrounds and asked them personal questions about what it meant to be a man. The women dressed in drag and devised the show based on their interviews. There were scenes about why men like sports, comparing a football game to a soap opera, and how they learned to use a urinal. All of the dialogue was verbatim quotations from the interviews.

“It felt very real and very powerful,” said Poley.

The show also addressed the social pressures put on men to perform their gender role. They are taught to be strong and not show any emotion. One of the performers asked, in an interview, what it was like to be a man. The interviewee suggested that the women come to rehearsal every day for a week and refrain from talking about anything personal.

“The truth is that men also have to perform their gender,” said Poley. “It got me thinking about how there needs to be a men’s liberation movement or even a gender movement.”

On the whole, Poley found the show very educational. The show inspired her to think about men’s issues and ask the men who are close to her about the male experience.

Laura Miller

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