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Senate hears impeachment discussion, budget appeals

In the Center for Fine Arts last Thursday, Student Senate met to deal with a brief business agenda, with an anticipated discussion on recent out-of-chamber Senate activities. Since the previous meeting, an online petition to impeach Student Senate President senior Elaine Wilson had been circulating, which currently has 163 signatures.

During the community business section of the meeting, Wilson made the following statement.

“Regarding the attempts to impeach me,” Wilson said, “I have not much of a comment other than until…that document is made public it is, to me, little more than a list of numbers. The purpose of a petition is to stand behind a particular cause or objective. If there are no names attached to a petition, as there currently are not, than it is in my view, nullified and rendered illegitimate.”

The petition states that the names of those who signed the petition will become public upon reaching 300 signatures. According to Student Senate Bylaws, a 270-signature petition is all that is required to begin the impeachment process of the president.

“The fact that the petition is anonymous to both the signers and the writers completely closes any sort of dialogue that should be going on between Elaine and the people that are bringing the charges against her,” Safety and Services Chair junior Trevor Sorensen said. “The fact that it’s online raises more problems than it’s worth. It could very easily be manipulated due to the fact that Knox Box addresses are fairly public knowledge. They are in the school directory. They are on people’s Facebook and on some distribution lists.”

In new business, the chamber heard appeals to the proposed club budgets from the previous meeting. Several clubs, including Photo Club, the Gaming Information Network, and SASS, appealed their budget allotments for the coming year. Most were granted either changes in their allotment schedule or somewhat increased funds, with Rocketry Club being denied their additional request due to lack of itemization of their budget.

The deadline for additional funds requests was May 12, during the meeting of the Finance Committee, as all such requests must be made two weeks in advance of approval.

Senate approved three additional fund requests: $400 to Asian Student Association for Yellow Rage, $250 to Chinese Club for Mahjong game sets and a movie night, and $125 to Ed Studies Club for a picnic/barbeque.

After fund approvals this week, the Student Senate Discretionary Fund had about $12,225 remaining for the year.

Student Senate sessions are held every Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Round Room of CFA.

Andrew Polk

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